The advisory council has developed a core set of criteria that we believe are important for any candidate to be a strong GC.

  • This criteria is subjective and based on our collective experiences. Everyone’s path to the GC chair is different, and likely no candidate has all of the enumerated criteria before being tapped to move to the GC chair. Likewise, each GC search is different and what one company, CEO or Board deems critical, “must have” expertise or direct experience, other companies may discount completely.

    Nonetheless, we believe these core criteria are instructive to candidates in evaluating their readiness and gaps. We hope you find this information useful.


Ready now candidates for Fortune 1000 and equivalent GC roles possess each of the following three core criteria as demonstrated through most (but not necessarily all) of the factors under each core criteria.

  1. Strong Executive Presence and Interpersonal Skills
  2. Significant Technical Legal Expertise and Experience
  3. Demonstrated excellent judgment