about bgc

network of advancement

An Advisory Council of Black GCs has come together to drive an initiative with the following goal:

To increase the number of Black General Counsel (GC/CLO) in large companies (public and private), with an initial focus on increasing the number of GCs in Fortune 1000 companies from 38 to 50 (5%) by the year 2020, and from 50 to 100 (10%) by the year 2025.

We plan to increase the number of Black GCs primarily by:

  • Identifying all current and former Black GCs in the Fortune 1000 and large private companies
  • Setting forth ideal core criteria necessary to be a successful GC
  • Using the criteria to identify “ready now” Black GC candidates
  • Connecting Black GCs and ready now candidates (1) to professionals at executive search firms that focus on recruitment of GCs and (2) to new GC opportunities, whether conducted by executive search firms or directly by corporations
  • Connecting ready now candidates and new Black GCs to each other and to mentors and advisors to help with search and transition